Academic Experience

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Chile)

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (Chile)

Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Estudios Urbanos
El Comendador 1916, Providencia Santiago de Chile

•  Guest Lecturer and Trainer (Sep2012). Lecture and Workshop "BIM+BPS. Building Information Modeling and Building Performance Simulation". Head of course: Claudio Labarca.


Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 8, 99423 Weimar.

• Teacher at Bauhaus Universität-Weimar; Chair of Computer Science in Architecture. Courses:

- "Digitale Planung | To BIM or not to BIM | SS11"
- “Digitale Planung | Sustainable Design Methods | WS 10/11”

• Assistant Teacher for Design Courses (Prof Dr-Ing. Dirk Donath, INFAR, chair Informatik in der Architectktur). Courses:

- Digital_Space [atelierhaus.her] (WS 07/08)
- Digital_Space [modell] BILD (SS 2007)
- Entwurf Bachelor "AddOn für Kirchen, Neue Kir(s)chen braucht das Land..." (SS 2008)
- Digitale Planung (SS 2007).

• Assistant Teacher for Prof. Dr-Ing. Frank Petzold Courses at INFAR (Informatik in der Architectktur) chair

- "Planlos | WS08/09"
- “BIM or not to BIM |”
- Experimentalbau_Stahl |”

• Mentor teacher for On-Line Design Workshop in the Bauhaus-University Weimar for "AEC Global Teamwork” project, as representative of Prof. Dr-Ing. Dirk Donath (INFAR). Carried out by Project Based Learning Laboratory Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford (USA). Feb-mar2008.

Technical Support for Diplomarbeit (GraduateProject) “BIM im Planungsprozess. Gebäudedatenmodell und Kostenermittlung”, Student Andre Seifert (WS 07/08), Supervisor: Prof Dr-Ing. Dirk Donath.



Bauhausstrasse 5, D-06846 Dessau

• Ecostudio WS11/12, Prof Pinkau


Hüfferstraße 27, D-48149 Münster

• Building Information Modeling WS11/12.
• Energy: Sustainable Design. WS11/12.
Organizer: Chair Prof Reichardt



• Official Instructor for BIM Workshop in 26th eCAADe Conference (Antwerp, Belgium), sep2008.

• "Autodesk Students Experts" Courses, official trainer at the Bauhaus University (Weimar, Germany), 2008-2010.


Trainer for BIM courses at the CASINO-Lab for Architecture students, 2008 and 2009.


BIM Workshop, EIABC, Addis-Ababa University (Ethiopia), BIM Trainer, jan2011.

COMGRAP (Autodesk Reseller in Chile)

COMGRAP (Autodesk Reseller in Chile)
General Flores 171, Providencia, Santiago.

•  Autodesk Revit Teacher for several Architectural Studios in Santiago (Alemparte & Barreda Asoc, Badia y Soffia Arq., etc) and External Courses (Sept 2005 to mar2007). See pictures 1-2-3.

Architectural Desktop Teacher for External Courses. See pictures 1-2-3

COMGRAP has been chosen as the "Best Autodesk Reseller" for South America FY2006, and has also the first position in Chile in three areas: Sales: / Education: / Customers Service: / Vivian Cardet (Development Manager), Gabriela Ward (Manager)

Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)

Universidad de las Américas (UDLA)
A. Varas # 840, Providencia, Santiago
Head: Sergio Muñoz de la Parra

Teacher and Coordinator for "COMPUTER AIDED DESIGN" courses (2001-2007)

Teacher for: Revit Building, Architectural Desktop, Archicad, Autodesk VIZ, AutoCAD 2d-3d. Analysis of some SIGRADI spanish papers in classes.

•  Autodesk Revit Building Teacher: use of parametric tools for Study Design Courses's Models, dec2006

•  Design of massive housing buildings focused on IT Tools (Autocad 2d-3d, blocks, Excel) and CAAD Theories (Li, Frazer, Tang; Hsu; Donath). Images: students work from Sede Santiago Centro (Autocad Render Engine), jul2006.

•  Autodesk VIZ Teacher: Representation of Study Design Courses' Models and some excellent works of the world architecture.

•  Academic Experiences with “Urban Code in Architectural Design”. Images above: use of Autodesk VIZ for Santiago Urban Code modelling (2006). Images below: use of Archicad for Santiago Urban Code modelling (2005).

•  Collaborative Projects between students using advanced Architectural Desktop Tools. Students model diferents parts of a building using "Project Navigator". A "CAD Manager" student assembles the whole model and get all drawings (floor, facade, sections and rendered views, 2004-2005).

................................ADT Practice in a Shopping Centre designed by Danny Lobos
.............................. (3d Model by Christian Figueroa).

...............................Representation of a Chilean Modern House (Daniel Pizarro).
................................ADT Practice in some Public School designed by Danny Lobos
............................... (3d Models Galvez and others).

•  Manager for Internal Expositions and Poster Publication in UDLA (with Team CAD). Show of students work with Autodesk and Graphisoft tools.
Images: 1. CD EXPOCAD by Cesar Ascencio (2003) / 2. Architectural Desktop 2002 Poster / 3. Autodesk VIZ2004 Poster / 4-6: Posters EXPOArchicad by Patricio Zapata 2004.

•  Creator of “Certification of Competence Autodesk and Graphisoft” for advanced students, an international diploma dealing with the expert use of latest versions of AutoCAD, Architectural Desktop, Archicad and Autodesk VIZ (with Team CAD). 2005-2006

•  Consultant and Adviser for contract signing of ACES suscription program (Autodesk Comprehensive Education System) carried out between Autodesk and UDLA, 2003-2005. First chilean university with ACES suscription. Actually called ADI (Autodesk Design Institut, 2006).

•  Management and Execution of Stand for UDLA in several "Autodesk New Plaftorm Launching” events, in Hyatt Hotel, Santiago, may 2004/2005 (with Team CAD). Students' works were presented to Autodesk Territory Managers. Published in “Todobras” Magazine, Chile, sep 2004.

•  Organization of several conferences and workshops for students and teachers given by Autodesk Engineers in UDLA (with Team CAD).
Photos: 1-2. Hugo Silva (BSD/Education Sales Manager America Latina for Autodesk) in Expocad 2004 / 3. Americo Correa (Autodesk Application Engineer) in ADT-2004 Launch for UDLA, 2004 / 4. Hector Miller (Autodesk Training Center Teacher) conference-workshop "Architectural Desktop - University and Industry", 2002.

•  Guide Teacher in competition "UDLA travels to Autodesk University – Las Vegas 2004". Second place, student Christian Figueroa won a trip to AU_2004 (Las Vegas, USA).

•  CAD Area Coordinator in UDLA (2002-2005,2007). Founder of "Team CAD UDLA" (2002-2007). Teachers: Danny Lobos, Patricio Zapata, Marcela Arancibia, Rodrigo Gana, Paulo Ogino, Carlos Prieto. Assistant Teachers: Mario Cordova, Cesar Ascencio, Felipe Gonzalez, Renato Martinez, Jaime Hernandez. Technical Support: Juan Carlos Perez.



Universidad de Ciencias de la Informática (UCINF)

Universidad de Ciencias de la Informática (UCINF)
Av. Pedro de Valdivia #555, Santiago
Head: Victor Kaiser

Teacher for "INFORMATICA APLICADA A LA ARQUITECTURA" courses (2004-2007): Revit, ADT, Autocad, Autodesk VIZ.

•  Teacher for "Computer Science Applied to Architecture" (Autocad and Architectural Desktop). Focused on 2d-3d representation os some excellent works of the World Architecture.
(photos 1-6: first year students, Autocad 2d - Solid extrusions - Autocad Render engine, 2004 / photos 7-9: not all is CAD!! Basic hand-drawings techniques, first year students in their first month, before to learn Autocad.

•  Teacher for Autodesk REVIT. Focused on Building Bulk Design Support and Urban Code Simulation using massing and parametrics elements.

•  Consultor and Adviser for buying of Archicad 9.0, Autocad and REVIT 8.1 Licenses for UCINF, 2005. 

Universidad Central (UCEN)

Universidad Central (UCEN)
Av. Santa Isabel 1186, Santiago de Chile
Head: Walter Folch

•  Assistant Teacher (Mar1997-Aug2006) Orientation: Architectural Design in collaborative environments (Architectural Desktop and AutoCAD). Teacher: Hernán Munita.

•  Teacher for COMPUTACION GRAFICA courses (Sep-dec 2006)
2d drawings and sheets for some excellent works of the world architecture (Autocad 2d).

•  Teacher for Autodesk REVIT courses (Sep-dec 2006)
Free architectural design starting from "Revit Building Maker".

Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH)

Universidad de Santiago de Chile (USACH)
Av. Alameda Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins 3363. Santiago de Chile.
Head: Carlos Richards

Teacher for COMPUTACION courses. (sep2006-ene2007)
Orientation: support to Architectural Design Workshop courses. Softwares: Archicad and ArtLantis, Architectural Desktop, Viz Render, Autocad 2d and 3d, Ecotect.

•  COMPUTACION I: first year students. Focused in environment variables (sun-shadows, noise, wind) and basic sustainable design. Work and analysis with Autocad 3d/2d, Ecotect, ArtLantis.

•  COMPUTACION II: second year students. Use of Architectural Desktop and Viz Render for Studio Design Courses Models.

•  COMPUTACION IV: Archicad/Plotmaker and ArtLantis. Ecotect and Radiance for Studio Design Courses Analysis.

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NOTE: all the design works presented in this page are comming from the students of my courses. Each picture shows the name of the author. The aim is to promote their carrers by publishing their work. The students that don´t want to be published here can send an e-mail to CAAD.DL@GMAIL.COM with the subject "Remove my pictures from" (2006)