Artistic Skills & Competences

ARTISTIC Skills and Competences

• Radio Lotte Weimar (Germany) "Der Folkexpress im Wechsel mit Musica Latina". Guest programmer for a Chilean Music special program (08.05.08). Host: Christoph Rösler. (download full audio, mp3, 30MB)

• Manager for Cultural-Exchange Project "Latinoamerica suena: Musica Latinoamericana en Alemania", supported by Embassy of Germany in Chile, Embassy of Chile in Germany , Goethe-Institut. Dec 2002.

• Guitar Player for Rock Bands in Chile (acoustic and electric guitar, from 1990 to 2003).

•  Manager of Rock Music Project "Demo 2002" for FONDART Competition. May 2002. Participation.

•  Swimming practice as a hobby.


SOCIAL Skills and Competences

•  Voluntary Work for the Government of Chile (Ministerio de la Vivienda, Punta Arenas), Digitizing of Puerto Williams' Lang Registry, being student of second year. Jan-Feb 1996.

•  Social Project for Community: Redesign for Public Square “José Miguel Infante”, Estación Central, Practice Course as architectural student, Santiago – Chile, 1997.

•  Team Work: able to generate synergy to work in equipment, capacity to accept new methods of work and ability to take important decisions.

•  Intercultural Skills: I have travelled to Argentina, Denmark, Germany, Italy and Belgium looking for new knowledge and artistic experiences. I like to learn other languages.

•  Design of a poster and Collaboration for “Campaign of Prevention of Alcoholism”, Universidad de Santiago – Metro de Santiago, Sep 1996. Collaboration: Rodrigo Burgos.


ORGANIZATIONAL Skills and Competences

• Founder of the CAD Area in UDLA (2001), several tasks: from buying License Process, management and selection of teachers, organization of International Competences Diploma, etc.

•  Creation and organization of seminaries, conferences and cultural activities during student period. Team: Rodrigo Burgos, Maricarmen Tapia Gómez, Carolina Hermosilla.


TECHNICAL Skills and Competences
BIM/CAD Software Level Used in/Taught at:
Autodesk Revit Architecture Expert Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany)
Addis-Abeba University (Ethiopia)
College of Design Sciences, University College of Antwerpen (Belgium)
Several Universities (Santiago de Chile)
Autodesk Architecture
(former Architectural Desktop)
Expert Several Universities (Santiago de Chile)
Archicad User-Advanced Several Universities (Santiago de Chile)
AutoCAD (advanced 2d/3d) Expert Several Universities (Santiago de Chile)
Ecotect & Radiance User-Advanced Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany). Several Universities (Santiago de Chile)
SketchUp User-Advanced Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany)
3dsMax User-Advanced Professional use for practice
Autodesk VIZ Expert Several Universities (Santiago de Chile)
Vasari User-Advanced Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany)
Naviswork User Bauhaus-University Weimar (Germany)
Graphic Appl./Other    
Photoshop Expert Professional use for practice
Macromedia Dreamweaver MX User-Advanced Professional use for practice
Autodesk Design Review (former DWF Viewer). Expert Professional use for practice
Vegas Video Edition/SoundForge/Cakewalk, Guitar Pro. User-Advanced Professional use for Music practice
Camtasia/Windows Movie Maker User-Advanced Professional use for practice/academic
Desktop Applications    
Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Outlook, Excel, Word, Powerpoint) User-Advanced Professional use for practice/academic
Microsoft Internet Explorer User-Advanced Professional use for practice
Adobe Acrobat Professional User-Advanced Professional use for practice
Social Networks Appl. (Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Blogs, RSS) Sceptical Beginner  



Credits and Updates

and DANNY LOBOS (2005-2010)

and Danny Lobos (2007-2010)

• Launched at 01.09.06 in Santiago de Chile

• Last updates:
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Todo lo realizado en Chile para el viaje a Alemania, no hubiera sido posible sin el apoyo incondicional de mi esposa Loreto y nuestra hermosa Rafaella, mi familia, mis amigos y tambien conocidos recientes que decidieron apostar por este desconocido arquitecto chileno. Aca una lista en orden alfabético, mas o menos:

- Aramayo, Orion
- Calquin, Maria
- Diaz, Lorena
- Donath, Dirk (Prof Dr-Ing, Bauhaus Uni-Weimar)
- Fox, Hans
- Garcia, Rodrigo
- Gonzalez, Luis Felipe
- Lobos C., Mario
Muñoz, Sergio
- Paez, Jessica
- Silva, Mario
- The packing group: Gustavo, Esteban, Jonathan
- Welch, Max
- Dios y todos alla arriba. olvido a alguien es solo amnesia, disculpen