Education & Training


Seminar "Construyendo Eficiencia Energética desde el Bío Bío", Agencia Chilena de Eficiencia Energética, Concepción, jun2012.

Autodesk (Berlin, Germany). BIM Conference 2010.

"Design Modelling Symposium Berlin 2009", Fakultät Gestaltung - Studiengang Architektur, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ch. Gengnagel, Universität der Künste, Berlin sep2009.

"BIM Conference 2009", Autodesk, Berlin, sep2009.

"ENCUENTROS 2009". Third Conference of Young Chilean Scientists in Europe. 11-13 February, 2009, Göttingen, Germany.

"Autodesk University 2008", Autodesk Annual Meeting. Las Vegas - USA, dec2008.

• eCAADe 2008 (26th Conference for education and research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in europe). Antwerp-Belgium, Sep2008.

• "Generative Components Seminar for Academics", Bentley Systems and BRT Architects Office. Hamburg - Germany, 6th June 2008.

• SmartGeometry Conference 2008, Bentley Systems and Generative Components. BMW World, Munich - Germany, mar2008.

• eCAADe_2007 (25th conference for Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe). FH Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main - Germany, Sep2007.

•  Autodesk, "BIM Strategie Meeting 2007", keyspeaker: Phil Bernstein (Autodesk Vice-President). Porsche Zentrum, Leipzig - Germany, Sept-2007.

•  Vortrag Prof. Dr. Roberto Segre, "Die gegenwärtige Architektur in Lateinamerika", Europäische Urbanistik, Weimar - Germany, Sep2007.

•  Prof. Dr. phil. habil. Max Welch Guerra (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany), lecture about "Urban Planning Research Studies in Weimar", Estacion Mapocho, Santiago de Chile, oct 2006.

•  SIGRADI_2006 (Sociedad Iberoamericana de Gráfica Digital) X Congress, Universidad de Chile, Santiago de Chile, nov2006.

Danny Lobos, the moderator and Charles Eastmann
in SIGRADI X, Santiago de Chile, Nov 2006.

•  Arq. Eduardo Lyon, "Seminario Tecnología Avanzada para Arquitectura Digital", organized by Comgrap and Autodesk, Radisson Hotel, jul2006, Santiago de Chile.

•  "Tecnologías para el emprendimiento en educación", organized by Comgrap and Autodesk, Crown Plaza Hotel, Santiago de Chile, dec2006.

•  Prof. Dr-Ing. Dirk Donath (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany), lecture about current situation in Bauhaus and interview, Universidad del Bio-Bio, Concepción, Chile, Jan 2005.

“Architectonic Acoustic in Offices” Conference, Prof. Kenneth P. Roy, Ph. D, organized by Armstrong - Hunter Douglas Enterprises, Santiago, Aug 1999.

“The enterprise formation in the Construction" Seminary, Chilean Camera of the Construction, Mar - Oct 1998.

• Workshop - Seminary "Rol, Identidad y Acción del Arquitecto de Hoy", Faculty of Architecture UC and Foundation MERCATOR, Campus Lo Contador UC, Jan 1995.



Doktor-Ingenieur ©
Computer Science in Architecture
Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Weimar, Germany)
(Submitted on October 2010, defense on February 2011)

Thesis Title: “Building Information Modeling and Plausibility in the Early Stages of the Architectural Design”.
Supervisor: Dr-Ing Dirk Donath (Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany).
Reviewers: Phil Bernstein (Yale University, USA), Karl Beucke (Bauhaus University Weimar).

Universidad de Santiago, Santiago – Chile, 2000

Bachelor in Architecture
Universidad de Santiago, Santiago – Chile, 1999

Computer Designer for Architecture
Universidad de Santiago, Santiago – Chile, 1997

Studies focused in Architectural Design and Building Construction. Courses: Architectural Design, CAD, Theory Courses, Expression Medias, Urbanism, Structural Design, Building Technologies.

School Director Hans Fox (1995-2000), Chilean Architect, PhD (University of Stuttgart) and Post-Doc (University of London).

“Surveying Engineering” Studies, first year complete approved, Universidad de Santiago, 1993.

Student work period at the University.

•  Thesis Project: Design Project "Centre for Diffusion of Music", Polanco Hill, Valparaiso, Mar 2000.

•  Shopping Center, Estación Central, Santiago , 1998

•  Design of Public School, La Florida , Santiago , 1997
(Graphic collaboration: Jorge Galvez).

•  Design of Café for Universidad de Santiago, 1996

•  Design of Transferring Center of Locomotion (bus, subway, train), Santiago , 1998

•  Several Designs: Cenotaph for poet Vicente Huidobro / Wind's Tower / School Music and Brigde, 1996-1996-1999.

•  Design Practice, Departmento de Aseo y Ornato, Municipality of Estación Central. New design for "Jose Luis Infante" Square. Mar - Sep 1998.



BIM and Building Performance Analysis. Master Class II,Universität der Künste (Berlin, Germany).

Architectural Desktop R3.3 to R2006 (Teacher: Arq. Vivian Cardet)

• AUTODESK Work Shop "Hands On Architectural Desktop 4.0", Instructor Héctor Miller (Autodesk ATC), Santiago de Chile, Nov2003.

Archicad R7.0 to R9.0 (Teacher: Ing. R. Navarro, Archisoft, R. Serpell, Graphisoft - Chile)

Autodesk VIZ 2004 – 2005 (Teacher: Ing. Viviana Vargas, Microgeo)

AutoCAD R2002 to R2006 (Teacher: Arq. Vivian Cardet, Comgrap)

Certified Teacher Diploma (Autodesk and Graphisoft), dec 2004

•  “Escuela Docente”, Academic Development Courses, Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Santiago de Chile, May 2005- Sept 2005.

•  "Research Methodologies", Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), Santiago de Chile, may-jun2006.


Instituto Nacional “General Jose Miguel Carrera”

Secondary education (1987-1992), Santiago de Chile.
Instituto Nacional was the First Chilean School (founded in 1810).